Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Q&A with Quilting Instructor Trina

    Trina Seagraves is an accomplished quilter and seamstress who lives in Broken Arrow, OK, with her husband, Josh. 
    She is the instructor for Beginning Quilting Classes at Owl & Drum, as well as the host for "Pinterest Parties" at the 2810 E. 15th Ave. store in Tulsa, OK. 
    Trina will be hosting Owl & Drum's Pinterest "Winter-themed Craft Party" from 6:30-8:30 Thursday, Nov. 29, and our Pinterest "Holiday-themed Craft Party" from 4-6 p.m. Sunday, Dec. 2.
    Trina will be teaching her next Beginning Quilting Class on Sunday, Jan. 13. Spaces are still available. People who are interested in taking the class can email Bianca Howell at

When did you start teaching sewing classes?
I started teaching in October 2010. I always love showing people how to make the fun, easy things I create, and I want to share that with others. I think it is important to learn the techniques, but its also important to learn to relax and not be such a perfectionist that you take the fun out of quilting/sewing!

Do you come from a sewing/craft-making family?
No, but my mom has started to scrapbook over the last few years. She introduces me as, "Trina - she's the crafty one. I don't know where she got it from, because it wasn't from me!" Its a long introduction, but I'm glad my mom is proud enough of what I do and work on to take the time.

Do you find yourself working with certain colors/patterns/textures?
When I first started getting serious about making this - my hobby and my passion - I would use individual collections, and nothing else. Now, I find myself reaching outside of that box. I love mixing bold colors and big prints. If I were put on a fabric ration and could only buy one fat quarter a week for the next couple of months, I would pick stripes - big, bold stripes. I just love them so, and they are so much more versatile than most people might think!

When you are not sewing, what craft do you like to do?
I'm in a hardcore nesting phase right now, so I've been doing silly home decor items like painting empty picture frames and spray painting different thrift store finds to use around the house. I really love doing all sorts of things, especially mod podge projects! I avoid yarn, drawing and oil paint, though.

Describe your workspace or studio?
We live in a two-bedroom apartment, and the living room is my main working space. This is where I keep my most current projects. The floor is my giant supplies shelf, as I do my cutting and ironing sitting in the floor. 
Currently, the coffee table is holding a puzzle my husband and I are trying to get done in time for Christmas. We definitely live in this room and its getting harder and harder to hide all these craft projects when company comes over!
I also use the kitchen floor because it's big enough to act as a frame-painting space or a quilt-design wall, which is the state it is currently in. 
Our bedroom was a "craft-free zone" - until we started getting chilly nights! Now, I have a little cross-stitch project ready for the warm, comfy time before bed.

What do you like best about living in Broken Arrow?
My favorite thing about Broken Arrow is that when I walk on Main Street or on Dallas (the street I grew up on) I can feel like I'm at least somewhat connected to my immediate past, because my great grandma used to walk these same streets. This is home. I always wanted to live in Seattle or Chicago or somewhere like that. But, as I'm growing up and wanting to start my own family, I'm seeing that there really isn't any place better than home.

For more details about classes and special events at Owl & Drum, call Bianca Howell at 918-742-1404, visit or follow the store on Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram and

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