Friday, 15 June 2012

Nightshade by Tula Pink

New to Owl & Drum, Tula Pink's new Halloween collection, Nightshade!

Cameos in Vapor
Birds in Vapor
Skies in Vapor
Would you like to know the story behind Nightshade? We found this quirky, little story on Tula Pink's website and thought we should share:

"Nightshade tells the story of the three Von Black sisters. Neptunia Von Black, the youngest sister, left home at the age of nine to pursue a career in Pirating. By 12, Neptunia was captaining her own ship and striking fear into the hearts of yellow bellied pirates across the seven seas. Neptunia is also responsible for procuring exotic ingredients and tracking down mystical relics for her two sisters. It was during one of these relic hunts that Neptunia lost her eye in a fight with a sea turtle.

Bella Donna Von Black is the middle sister, the alchemist, the brain, the pride and joy of the Von Black family tree. Bella Donna poisoned her entire calculus class with a batch of smoking absinthe cookies as a 16th birthday present to herself. They’re collective lack of ambition was holding back her education. Her genius lies in managing to transform the most innocuous compounds into a rainbow of deadly vapors. Oh, yeah, and she can also communicate with animals, the raven being one of her favorite familiars.

Scarlett Von Black is the oldest of the three sisters. Scarlett’s ninth and most recent husband perished in a freak weather accident much like her previous eight husbands. Although law enforcement has never been able to prove her involvement some still speculate as to how a man can drown in three inches of rain. Most of the Von Black family wealth is attributed to Scarlett Von Black thanks to a shocking lack of prenuptial agreements."

We love it! You can find these prints at and in our Etsy store.

Bianca and Dani


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  2. I love their stories. How fun and intriguing!

  3. Teal and black is one of my fave color combos which I think is highly underestimated sometimes. The stories of the sisters reminds me of my two younger sisters. Their profiles kind of fit who they are too. Funny!

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