Wednesday, 20 June 2012


We recently picked up on a style trend called zakka. Have you ever heard of this craze amongst the crafting community?

Zakka is Japanese for "many things" and has spread throughout the fashion and design worlds. This term is used to describe anything and everything that enhances your home, life, and wardrobe. Basically, seeing the beauty in the simple things of your everyday life. For example, zakka could be a chip clip shaped as a bird or polka dot, vintage juice glass. 

We actually have some zakka pieces in our shop by Chet & Dot. This Portland, Oregon based artist makes sweet zakka-style gifts for babies and home. She takes a simple design and creates a joyful piece with her clever use of fabric choice and detail.

Patchwork Pincushion

Patchwork Potholder

Speaking of zakka, we have to mention a new book to hit Owl & Drum, Zakka Style by Rashida Coleman-Hale. Its all about the zakka movement that has hit the craft community. From a stylish bread bag to a whimsical bookmark, Rashida has gathered 24 projects from various crafty contributors such as Amanda Jennings and Kat Mew.

Rashida Coleman-Hale is definitely influenced by Japanese culture. She's also behind this Japanese-inspired fabric collection called Washi.  These fun prints of aqua and fuschia take shape from visions of Japanese washi tape. We love the modern and cutting-edge design of this fabric collection.

Hope you enjoyed your little lesson on zakka. Now, we must go and try one of the projects from Rashida's book. Do you have any zakka projects to share? We'd love to hear your zakka ideas.

Bianca and Dani

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  1. Loving the triangle pattern from Rashida Coleman-Hale. Thank you for sharing the lesson!

    via EBT