Saturday, 8 September 2012

Fun Fabric Features Fairly Frightening Family

One of the many fun new fabrics for sale at Owl & Drum is "The Ghastlies," a quirky family full of eccentric characters.

The quilting cotton fabric - made by trail-blazing California textile design company Alexander Henry - features a cast of beautifully hand-painted figures each in their own picture frame.

"The Matriach" of the family is a stern-looking woman with crazy hair named Mathilde Ghastlie, and her sisters are called Mildred, Magda and Minerva Grislie, who look like a trio of very scary spinsters.
Mathilde's "Devoted Husband" is Gaspar Ghastlie, and their children are Sebastian (a mischievous cat?!?) and Garrick, a balding hen-pecked man.

Gaspar's "Beloved Mother" is a veiled and mean-looking woman known simply as "The Widow Ghastlie." Her top-hatted father, Gunnar Grislie, is pictured with an old-fashioned lantern.

Also featured are Sebastian and his "Errant Wife" Daria (a socialite who looks like a "flapper" from the 1920s) and their two precocious young children - the red-cheeked twins Cordelia and Cassius Ghastlie.
The fabric paints a scene that is a little reminiscent of The Addams Family, that much-loved old TV show.

Alexander Henry is a textile design house based in Burbank, Calif., that specializes in cutting-edge, original cotton prints. The company offers a wide-ranging collection with themes inspired by art history, runway fashion and culture at large.

Under the direction of the De Leon Design Group - namely Marc, Philip and Nicole de Leon - the company's in-house artists paint each fabric pattern by hand. And Alexander Henry, which was established more than 30 years ago, work with a diverse group of manufacturers in the accessories, garment and home furnishings industries.

Owl & Drum, a new fabric, homemade gifts and craft supplies store, stocks "The Ghastlies" and two other popular Alexander Henry fabrics - "Where Is My 'Stache" and "Spotted Owl."

Owl & Drum - which is located at 2810 E. 15th St. in Tulsa, OK - also carries about 100 other fabrics made by seven other designers and manufacturers. More fabrics are being added each week, and they can be bought in the store or on its website.

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