Saturday, 29 September 2012

Q&A with Casey from OSO Handmade

    Casey Maute is the artist behind the unique designs of OSO Handmade, based in Stillwater, OK. She has been creating and selling jewelry since 2008, and she loves using bright colors and geometric shapes in her creations.

    Casey lives in Stillwater with her husband, Ross, who creates prints and T-shirts under the company name Pop Prints, and her cat named Cupcake.

    She works in communications for Oklahoma State University, where she does a lot of writing and designing for OSU. And Casey loves food trucks, all things Disney, social media and bears!

Do you come from a craft-making family? 
Growing up, I was always really creative and loved doing all kinds of arts and crafts, but I didn't remember my mom being that way. My sister definitely wasn't! Now that I'm grown, when I visit my mom, she always shows me the projects she is working on. She's big into mixed media art pieces, so I knew my crafty sense came from somewhere!

Describe your workspace/studio and describe your work habits? 
I am thankful to have a house where I have a room dedicated just for crafts! It can kind of be a mess at times because there are usually five projects going on at one time, but I love having the extra space. I usually have a table set up for trying new craft show displays and I always have the TV on. 
I work full time, so I usually craft a couple nights a week. When I have shows coming up, I will make sure to get in at least 2-3 productive hours of work in a night. I usually have to close the door whenever I am stringing necklaces, though, because my cat hears them from a mile away and thinks it's play time. She loves swatting at them while they are dangling from my fingers.

If you could pick up a new craft tomorrow which one would it be?
I love stuffed animals and plushies, so if I could sew better - that is what I'd make! It'd be so fun to create my own characters.

Do you participate in craft fairs or bazaars? 
Yes, it's my favorite thing! Some shows that I have done and hope to continue doing for years to come are Deluxe Indie Craft Bazaar in OKC, The Alliday Show in Tulsa and Dustbowl Arts Market in Norman. I've met so many amazing artists through these and never leave without spending a good chunk of my profit at other booths.

Who is your favorite fashion designer? And why?
To be honest, I admire and love what fashion designers do, but I don't really have a favorite. I could never do what they do, so I just sit back and enjoy what they put out. I'm a T-shirt kind of girl when I'm not at work. I will say, my closet is full of amazing indie shirt designers like Bombs Away, Seibei, Dowdy Studio, RainbowSwirlz and I have to say. . . Pop Prints! I like knowing that the shirt I am wearing is supporting an independent artist. Plus, the stuff they put out is really awesome.

Come and see OSO Handmade jewelry and other artisans at Owl & Drum, now open in Tulsa, Oklahoma, at 2810 E. 15th St. For more details, visit or call Bianca at 918-742-1404

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