Sunday, 30 June 2013

Liberty Lifestyle Fabrics Arrive At Owl & Drum

They're here!

Liberty of London's Liberty Lifestyle fabrics have just arrived at Owl & Drum.

Stile, the historic British company's newest collection, is inspired by the Art Nouveau movement, specifically the work of influential Scottish architect and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh.



Liberty's designs at the time were influenced by the progressive art movement that swept through Britain and Europe.

"In fact, Liberty designs captured the moment so well that, in Italy, the Art Nouveau movement is known as 'Stile Liberty,'" the company said on its website,



"To reverse it seemed the perfect name for our (fabric) collection."

The new Stile Collection features eight designs and four color palettes.



Prior to designing the fabrics, Liberty staff researched the historic company's enormous archive of designs, references and images.

They then travelled to Glasgow to research the work of Mackintosh.

"His work seemed like a perfect fit as he was such an important representative of Art Nouveau in the United Kingdom," Liberty reported.

"While in Glasgow, we took photos and visited iconic buildings (Mackintosh designed) such as the Glasgow School of Art, the Willow Tea Rooms and the Hunterian Museum, where they have reassembled the interiors of Mackintosh's Glasgow home.

"These images were then used to produce new designs to sit alongside the wonderful archive prints."

Liberty - which was established in central London in 1875 - is one of the world's last great emporiums for innovative and eclectic designs.

The company prides itself on combining its rich heritage with cutting-edge and avant garde designs and products.

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  1. The new Liberty fabrics are stunning. They are on my wish list.

    1. Aren't they just! I have to restrain myself so that we have them for our customers.