Friday, 19 July 2013

New Heather Ross Fabrics Arrive At Owl & Drum

Heather Ross' debut collection for Windham Fabrics is here!

"Briar Rose" features a fun blend of summertime scenes, animals and fruits - from a family of happy frogs playing on logs on a pond to juicy strawberries, from a field of yellow daisies and orange poppies to a meadow of green four-leaf clovers.

Ross - a talented New York-based author, artist and designer - uses a pastel color palette of light greens, yellows, pinks and red hues for her cool collection.

The colorful and beautifully-drawn designs are printed on 100 percent quilting-weight cotton and are perfect for patchwork, bedding, decor, baby clothes or decorating a child’s nursery.

And five bolts of the stylish fabric have just arrived at Owl & Drum's store in midtown Tulsa, OK!

Nanny Bee

Hex Bee 


Cricket Clover

"I love Heather Ross' style," said Bianca Howell, the co-owner of Owl & Drum.

"I like her vintage-inspired illustrations and her whimsical use of color. And I know I'm not alone - a lot of my friends and Owl & Drum customers really like her fabrics. They have such a great look."

Ross' cool collection is close to her heart.

"In my family, summers are sacred," she writes on her website,

"They are about sun and rain and mud and frogs and strawberries and dirty feet. Of falling asleep on porches under piles of quilts as the air turns chilly and the crickets begin to sing.

"And of never, ever brushing your hair (but maybe your teeth!). And swimming. Lots and lots of swimming.

"Briar Rose is inspired by summers: past and present; and by families: mine and yours."

Ross has also had published a number of craft books, including the popular Heather Ross Prints, which contains a step-by-step tutorial on how to create your own fabric prints. Ross also illustrated a children’s book called “Crafty Chloe,” which was published in 2011.

For more details about Ross and her creations, check out her informative blog on her website.

For more details about her first-ever fabric line for the Jersey City, N.J., company, visit

For more details about Owl & Drum - which carries about 300 fabrics made by many different designers, crafts supplies and tools, plus numerous unique gifts - visit

The 2810 E. 15th St. store also sells many other items made by Tulsans, Oklahomans and artisans from Portland, Oregon, plus a wide variety of craft books.

Owl & Drum is open from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Tuesday to Saturday. The store is closed on Sundays and Mondays, but it's open every day online at

For more information, call Bianca at 918-742-1404, send an email to, or follow us on Facebook,, TwitterPinterest, and Instagram.

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